BUS #1 Micah Inman
P-O-T (6:50), 1st Pickup Main St (Ironton) (6:55), Shepherd Mountain Lake Road, Hwy M (7:10) and School (7:40) Will run to the end of the blacktop on M Highway and turn around at the end of state maintenance
BUS #2 Stephanie Hamilton
P-O-T (6:45), 1st Pickup on 221 (7:00), E. Maple, Zigler, E. Elm, S. Bogey (7:20), Old Mines County Rd 42 (7:30), Front St., Briarwood Ln. (7:35), Trailer Court by Health Dept, School (7:45) Regular Route. May not run Vance Rd. based upon condition of the road
BUS # 3 Rick Vandergriff
(Light Blue)
P-O-T (6:50), 1st Pickup on 21 South (7:00), CC Hwy, Tip Top Park (7:10), Adam’s Custom Shop Sunshine (7:25), Dent (7:30),  School (7:45) Will run regular route, but will turn around at Tip Top Roadside Park. Will not run Hwy CC.
BUS #4 Carol Vest
P-O-T (6:40) 1st Pickup on Hwy N (6:55), Snow Hollow Lake Road (7:10), 21 Hwy S. (7:20), Country Side Apts (7:20), Laura’s Little Ones (7:21), Main St. (Pilot Knob 7:30), School (7:40). Will run down Hwy N, but will not run down Snow Hollow Rd. Kids will have to be brought down to the entrance of intersection.
BUS #5 Roger Persons
(Neon Green)
P-O-T (6:50), 1st Pickup Spitzmiller Trailer Court on NN, County Rd 32A and 32B, Middlebrook (7:05), N Bogey (7:20), East Mulberry and West Side of Pilot Knob (7:30), School (7:45). NO CHANGE
BUS #6 Mike Richardson
P-O-T (6:30), 1st Pickup on Hwy D (6:50), JJ Hwy (7:15), 72 Hwy (7:20), Russelville Road (7:35), Thompson Road (7:40), Arcadia Walnut (7:50), School. Will not run out Hwy D, Flat Woods, JJ or Co. Rd. 518.Bus will turn around at JJ and Hwy 72.
BUS # 7 Renee Setzer
P-O-T (6:45), 1st Pickup on Co. Rd. 37 (7:00), Co. Rd. 535 (7:15), MM Hwy (7:25), Lake Killarney (7:40), School (7:45). Will run regular route, but will not go all the way out Hwy MM, turn at the junction of MM and 72 and will pick up students there. Will not run Co. Rd 37 or Co. Rd. 535.
BUS #8 Dusty Dettmer
P-O-T (6:30) 1st Pickup Crane Lake (6:45) County Rd. 110 (7:10) County Rd. 112 (7:30) E Hwy (7:40), Arcadia Main St (7:45), School (7:55). Will run on Main St. (Arcadia) and Hwy E only. Will turn around at the second Crane Pond turn off. Kids will have to be brought out to Hwy E to be picked up.
BUS #9 ECSE Early Childhood Will Be Determined By Number of Students Enrolled in Program and be set-up after school starts. Will not run