What is Auto Technology?
Auto technology is a two-year program in which students will learn repairs, diagnose and restoration of engines, steering and suspension systems, electrical systems and brake systems. Students are also able to learn how to use the latest machines and technology to diagnose these problems.

Students will learn to use:

  • Engine diagnostic analyzers and scanners

  • Valve grinding equipment

  • Mulitmeter

  • Dial indicator

  • Micrometer

  • Brake lathe

  • Front-end alignment equipment

  • Electronic computer programs

  • Other basic repair techniques

What Can I Do with This Training?
All students who successfully complete this class will have the skills to obtain entry-level technician jobs in the automotive field. Students can also further their education at technical schools or colleges by majoring in aircraft technology, diesel technology, heavy equipment technology and other mechanic related occupations.

Job Opportunities
Opportunities available with a certification in Automotive Technology and possibly additional training include:

  • Auto Electrician

  • Brake Repairer

  • Fluid Power Mechanic

  • Aircraft Mechanic

  • Automotive Mechanic

  • Auto Technician

  • Diesel Mechanic

  • Heavy Equipment Mechanic

  • Parts Manager

National Certification
The Automotive program is working towards ASE certification through the national Automotive Technicians Education Foundation. (NATEF) The purpose of Automotive Technician training Certification Program is to improve the quality of training offered at the secondary and post-secondary levels. . Our goal is to be ASE certified in four areas; Brakes, Electrical/Electronic Systems, Engine Repair and Steering & Suspension.

College Credit Available
Students enrolled in Auto Technology are eligible to receive up to 36 college credit hours through Mineral Area College. Students will receive credit in these classes: 

  • Introduction to Automotive Technology 

  • Automotive Electrical Systems I

  • Automotive Electrical Systems II

  • Automotive Electrical Systems III

  • Automotive Braking Systems Drum

  • Automotive Braking Systems Disc

  • Automotive Steering & Suspension

  • Emissions & Fuel Control Systems 

  • Automotive Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Automotive Tire & Wheel Alignment

  • Automotive Electronic Test Equipment

  • Preparation for Employment

  • Occupational Leadership Development I

  • Occupational Leadership Development II