Technology Coordinator--Jim Wagner
Technology Support Specialist--Adam Mutrux

Email: jwagner (at)

Office address:
Arcadia Valley Middle School
550 Park Drive, Ironton, MO 63650  

Phone: (573) 546-9700 ext. 5, 7


Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA)

The Arcadia Valley School District utilizes a variety of software applications and web-based tools operated by third party vendors to support student learning. These instructional supports are vetted through the Technology and Curriculum Departments to ensure compatibility with the goals of the AV School District. The use of these tools by students is governed by the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA), enacted in 1998 and amended in 2012 with the amendments effective as of July 2013.

The intent of COPPA is to safeguard students’ personal information when students are accessing online services including apps and websites directed primarily to audiences under age 13. This legislation applies to a general audience site that acknowledges it is collecting personal information from users under 13.

To allow student access to the application, site, or tool, certain identifiable information-generally, the student’s name and Google Apps account (partial last name+first are required by the operator.  COPPA grants schools the authority to act as the parent’s agent consenting to the use of student information for educational purposes only.  The Arcadia Valley School District utilizes a variety of tools to verify privacy policies including CommonSense Media Privacy Program and Student Privacy Pledge.

The Arcadia Valley School District presently supports teaching and learning by accessing applications, websites, and online services operated by third parties.


This NDPA site is updated regularly, please check often for additional information.


It shall be the mission of the Arcadia Valley R-II School District, with collaborative efforts from the district Technology Advisory Committee, to develop a plan for the implementation of technology in the district. The committee will receive training/in service in how technology can meet the changing needs of students and educators and help the district respond to societal expectations. The committee will develop and revise a long range plan for technology in the district to enhance student learning and support the district's established curriculum and conform to the Arcadia Valley R-II Comprehensive School Improvement Plan, Missouri Show-Me Technology Plan. It is the mission of the Arcadia Valley R-II School District to provide the means for students to develop critical thinking skills, problem solving abilities, and to prepare our students for mastery of the Missouri Show-Me Standards. It is also the mission of the district to enable students to become lifelong learners through the use of our high technological environment.


Key responsibilities:

  • Design, install, troubleshoot, and maintain district network infrastructure

  • Maintain safe computing environment for all district users

  • Specify, install, repair, and maintain equipment

  • Maintain district hardware/software inventory

  • Assist in integration of technology into the curriculum

  • Maintain technical proficiency

  • Assume responsibilities of MOREnet coordinator

  • Conduct staff training