Elementary School Supply List

Reminder: We will have supplies for any student who needs them. You are free to buy and bring your own, but teachers will have the standard supplies that any child would need to come to school.

Preschool: Crayola Crayons (large size)-4 packs, 10 glue sticks, 8 pack markers

Kindergarten: 1 Backpack, 1 pair Fiskars Blunt Scissors, 6 Boxes of 24 pack Crayons, 24 #2 pencils (regular size), 1 bottle of Elmer’s Glue, 1 small plastic supply box, 4 block erasers, 1 pack Dry Erase Markers.  Optional items:  Baby Wipes, paper towels, Germ-X, box of sandwich size ziploc bags.  PLEASE LABEL ALL SUPPLIES

First Grade:  1 pair of headphones, 1 pair of Fiskar scissors, 4 boxes of 24 Crayola crayons, 12 Elmers Glue Sticks,  1 dozen #2 pre-sharpened pencils, Black Expo Dry Erase Marker, Small Supply Box, 1 box quart size ziplock bags, Backpack, Hand Sanitizer, 1 pack of index cards.  Optional Items:  wet wipes, paper towels, gallon zip top bags. 

Second Grade:  24 #2 Yellow Pencils, 2 plastic 2 pocket folders with center brads, 1 large 5 subject notebook (wide ruled), 4 glue sticks, 1 pair scissors, 1 box of 24 Crayola Crayons, 4 large pink erasers, 1 pair of earbuds/headphones, 1 supply box, 1 box ziploc bags, 1 bottle of hand sanitizer, 1 pair of headphones/earbuds

Third Grade:  1 pair of headphones, 1 pack white eraser caps, 1 pair of scissors, 1 wooden ruler, 1 supply box, 2- 24 pack of Crayola crayons, 2 box of colored pencils, 2 pencil sharpener with lid, 8 dozen #2 pencils, 16 Elmers Glue Sticks, 1 pack of Highlighters, 1 Pencil Pouch (3 holed) with clear front,  8 fine tip dry erase markers, 3 plastic 2-pocket folders with prongs, 1 Binder 1 inch. 

Fourth Grade: 1 subject notebook, One and a half inch 3 ring binder, 2 plastic 2-pocket plastic folders (yellow and black), 8 Expo markers, Pencil sharpener with lid ,2 Highlighters (yellow and pink), 2 glue sticks, 2 pack of 24 yellow #2 pencils, Pencil top erasers or large eraser, 1 set of headphones, Optional items: 1 supply box, 1 pair scissors, 1 box of crayons, 1 pack colored pencils, 1 pack washable markers