What is Building & Grounds Maintenance?
The Building and Grounds Maintenance program is a two-year program. It is offered to juniors and seniors as well as adults. The student will take Building & Grounds I the first year and then return the second year for Building & Grounds II. The student that successfully completes both years will receive their vocational certification in Building and Grounds Maintenance.

Job Opportunities
The employment outlook in building and grounds maintenance is good. Students with training in this area have a wide variety of options for future employment. The student could seek employment in such areas as:

  • Maintenance crew

  • Electricians assistant

  • Plumbing assistant

  • Carpentry

  • Concrete & masonry assistant

Units of Study
Areas studied in the Building and Grounds Maintenance program are:

  • Carpentry skills

  • Floor/wall layout & framing

  • Roofing materials & skills

  • Exterior/interior finishes

  • Plumbing skills

  • Electrical wiring skills

  • Concrete & masonry skills

  • Welding skills

  • Basic small engine repair

Students earn 6 practical arts credits toward graduation and has the option to earn both a math credit and an english credit.

College Credit Available
As a part of the Building and Grounds Maintenance class, the student has the opportunity to earn college credit through the 2+2 agreement with Mineral Area College.

Listed below are the classes that are credited:

  • Construction carpentry skills I

  • Concrete and forms

  • Floor/wall layout & framing

  • Exterior finishes

  • Interior finishes

  • Plumbing

  • Preparation for employment

  • Occupational leadership develop. I

  • Occupational leadership develop. II

Students can earn up to 24 hours of college credit while enrolled in Building & Grounds Maintenance and the best news of all, there is no charge for the credits!