1. Orders will be taken based on the class curriculum with priority given to jobs that will enhance the instruction in the classroom. Projects may be rejected at any time to complete the curriculum for the class. 

  2. The minimum time required for a job will be 10 school days once the artwork is ready and approved; however if a project is completed earlier it will be provided to the customer when finished. 

  3. The minimum order is 12 pieces printed with the same design and with same color(s) of ink. 

  4. At least half of the total cost of the order must be paid at the time the order is placed. Full payment must be made before the items can leave the shop. 

  5. The actual number of acceptable goods received may be less than the total number ordered. This is due to the fact that mistakes, smudges or any other unwanted marks are part of the learning process and are unavoidable. To ensure the number needed, the customer may need to order additional items. The work of students cannot be guaranteed and the school in no way warrants or guarantees the products provided. Because of the nature of the class unexpected delays can and will occur.


If the Graphics Communications class is creating artwork then an additional 5 school days will be added to the processing time for a total of 15 school days.

Artwork designed or created by the Graphic Communications class will remain property of the student(s). Artwork designs must comply with district policy on appropriate content prior to a student beginning work on the project. Artwork will not be provided without written permission of the students.

The Graphic Communications instructor and/or district administration must approve all artwork before production will begin.

The form below must be completed and signed prior to placing your order. Not all orders will be accepted. Customers will be notified of refused orders as soon as possible. The form can be faxed to the attention of David Amelunke at the Career Technology Center at 546-6956. It can also be mailed to Graphic Communications at 650 Park Drive, Ironton, MO 63650. The form can also be delivered in person.

For questions call David at 546-9700 x4 or email damelunke(at)mail.av.k12.mo.us

T-Shirt Order Form