What is Welding Technology?
Welding is a process of permanently joining two pieces of metal, usually by means of heat. Manufacturing and construction work need welders. The supply of welders is low and starting pay can be around $ 11.00 an hour.

Welding I
Welding I is the basic introduction to the field of welding . Learned Skills include shop safety, pad building, and different welding positions; flat, vertical, horizontal, and overhead. Welding I is offered to Juniors and first-year Seniors. 

Welding II
Welding II is a program for second- year students who have completed Welding I. Welding II includes basic blueprint reading, MIG (metal inert gas) TIG (Tungsten inert gas) welding, and oxy-acetylene torch cutting and welding. Second-year students will be more involved in building and repairing projects such as trailers, car bumpers, dog boxes, smoke cookers, car mufflers, etc.

National Certification
We are currently working towards American Welding Society (AWS) certification. AWS is the most recognized certification for the welding industry.

College Credit Available
Students enrolled in Welding I and II are eligible to receive up to 36 college credit hours through Mineral Area College. Students will receive credit in these classes:

  • Orientation to Welding

  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding

  • Metallurgy and Heat Treating

  • Adv. Shielded Metal Arc Welding

  • Plasma Arc Cutting

  • Carbon Arc Gouging

  • Occupational Leadership Development I

  • Welding Print Read/Layout Fabrication

  • Gas Metal

  • Arc Welding

  • Flux Cored Arc Welding

  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

  • Destr., Non-Destr., Visual Weld Test

  • Preparation for Employment

  • Occupational Leadership Development II

Job Opportunities
Opportunities available with a certification in welding include:

  • Boilermaker

  • Pipe fitter

  • Boat Maker

  • Industrial Manufacturing

  • Self Employed